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A severe drought of benevolence in parts of England could have a serious impact on human wildlife, especially in the north of the country, the Environment Agency has warned.

Conservation groups are worried that the cold front of austerity, which has been gripping the nation, could cause some streams of integrity to completely dry up if there are not enough downfalls of decency soon to make up for two dry winters of callousness.

The agency has said it would like to help the most endangered species, such as the disabled, the old and the young, but it was facing difficulties because the most affected human wildlife sites, such as northern cities and towns, are being sucked dry of any hope.

Drying streams of tolerance

The latest assessment from the Environment Agency is that ethical flows have continued to fall at almost all of the key sites it monitors for moral drought, with 15 now classed as exceptionally low.

It said some parts of England had seen the worst 20 months of parched earth policies since records began and warned that the low levels of naturally occurring compassion could have a serious impact on human wildlife.

Drying streams and ponds of tolerance will leave the young of the species, including sprogs and newts, at risk – and prevent dingles, scalleys, mancs, stokies, scummers, geordies, clayheads and other types of creatures from breeding.

Southern parts of the country are also experiencing arid and intemperate conditions and human wildlife indigenous to those regions such as delboys, limeys, yokels and wideboys could also struggle to raise their young under the severe conditions imposed by the government.


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