Thinking of suing me?

If I’ve written something about you on this blog that has you reaching for your lawyer’s telephone number in the hope of scaring me into silence with legal threats – please don’t bother.

UK libel laws are a joke. They exist simply in order to allow people with the most money to tell people with less money than they have to shut the f*ck up.

During the few years I have been writing this blog, I have already been threatened with libel more times than I can be bothered to count. I can assure you I have never once backed down and nobody has so far actually taken the next step and proceeded with any legal action against me or this site.

Therefore, please save yourself some hefty legal fees and only threaten me with libel if you’re prepared to go the whole way and actually take me to court. Because I promise you, you won’t shut me up and I’m not the backing down type.

That said – as a supporter of free speech I am more than happy to allow anyone who feels unfairly treated on this blog to have a full right to reply.

So if you would like the chance to refute something I’ve written about you, please feel free to put pen to paper and use logic, sound argument and reason to argue your case and I will happily publish your comments in full in a blogpost, no matter how critical of me they might be.

But threaten me with lawyers, and you can go f*ck yourself.


32 thoughts on “Thinking of suing me?”

  1. Brilliant ! Love your spirit… if only there were more like you.

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  2. Ah, the “Arkell vs Pressdram” response, I see… Excellent.

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  3. Love it!

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  4. Lovely bit of text. Great sentiment.

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  5. Perhaps you could publish a list of the people who have threatened to sue you but haven’t gone through with it.

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  6. Miles – now there’s an idea.

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  7. or indeed publish the names of people who have threatened to sue other bloggers but haven’t done!

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  8. Loraine Frew said:

    Buccleuch Estates/ Five Quarter routinely threaten anyone who dares say that unconventional gas, or even underground coal gasification are BAD ideas for anyone who happens to live near/ directly above where they plan to drill/burn!!
    Just ask Mel Kelly, a UCG blogger, any tenant farmer around Canonbie, Canonbie Residents Assoc. or Joan McAlpine MSP!
    So, well done Tom Pride, I like your style, and more of us should have the courage to point out that the Emperor has no clothes!

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  9. Mark_Walker_UKIP said:

    Tom I still do not understand why you thought it acceptable to twist your plageurised article so far from the original media lies and fabrications.

    Firstly all the papers did was copy/paste from one central news source, twisting, as you did on your blog, items along the way.

    Secondly, I never mentioned anything about the Paris atrocity at anytime or anywhere. That is a complete LIE and fabrication by the papers.

    Thirdly my link to the Richard Nikolous von Coudenhove-Kalergi article was to a site called Western Spring and was penned about 2 years ago, why does your Blog say I linked to Golden Dawn?? They copied and posted the original article, according to their own page date stamp many months later?? That is a LIE by you.

    Fourthly – You mention above about freedom of speech, yet you condem and twist without interview, correct knowledge or facts MY right to freedom of speech to share an article about a plan which has been inforce, originally bank rolled by the Rothschilds and Warburgs for nearly 100years.

    I look forward to your reply.

    [Hello Mark, here is my reply:
    1) There is a link in my blogpost to your own Facebook page with your own status telling people to “share far and wide” an article in which interracial marriage is described as “a plague”. Your status is there for all to see. The article is there for all to see. People can make their own minds up. No lies, fabrications, twisting or plageurisation on my part. Just facts.
    2) I didn’t mention the Paris atrocities either in my blogpost.
    3) As I clearly stated in my blogpost, the Western Spring article was itself a reprint of an original article from Golden Dawn. Western Spring very helpfully has a link to the original Golden Dawn article at the bottom of its page. Have a look. You may not have realised it, but you linked to – and asked people to share – a Golden Dawn article.
    4) You did not link to an obscure 100 year old plan by an Austrian philosopher. You linked to an article written by a neo-nazi group about an obscure 100 year old plan by an Austrian philosopher. And in the neo-nazi group’s article – which you linked to and urged people to share – interracial marriages are described as a “plague”.
    5) Instead of desperately trying to defend your actions I suggest you stop digging and start desperately apologising for them.
    6) if you would like to write a blogpost explaining why you linked to such an offensive article – be my guest and I will willingly post it. A piece of friendly advice though, take it or leave it – if you do, you’d be wise to include an apology somewhere in it.] – TOM

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  10. Mark_Walker_UKIP said:

    1. You and others have chosen to read in to what you will ignoring that what I read and exposed was the fact a Central Eurpoean plan is inforce, that was it, Period, in my mind. Many have completely missed the point that the plan was bankrolled by the Rothchild’s and Warburg families and their Banking System which has since destroyed the planet. Their names crop up all over history. The Banking System from the creation of the Bank of England, The Federal Reserve et all is the reason hard working individuals worldwide are suffering.

    2. I was merely pointing out a FACT as you link to the Daily Mail and this is there headline… so why are promoting a LIE? You wish to say I was promoting ‘racism’?? Which I would not and was not.

    3. I have just spotted this link at the bottom, it says: ‘This article is a translation of an Italian article, originally posted on Identità’ and indeed that Identita link goes to Golden Dawn … So yes, an unfortunate oversight.

    I have received a personal apology from the owner of Western Sprint, not for the article content but for the position I find mysefl in having merely shared an article about a plan that is inforce.

    My post did say Share but response 1 above should be taken in to account and maybe in hindsight have I ahve simply added on the original Facebook post, I was drawing everyone’s attentioin the the fact there is a plan, but I do not condone paragraphs x, y, z [i.e: the racist parts] intelligent readers who have merely focused on the similarity of the central european plan and was is happening today. Afterall the UK is for all intense and purposes ruled by Brussells.

    4. Having just spotted the link as mentioned above in response 3, you are correct it is a link to an article which contains a link to the original article, which I never read or even had any knowledge about… an unfortunate connection.

    5. As it is you Tom who has pointed out the above link-to-link, and may I add, you are the ONLY person to have done this, then yes I am intelligent enough to undertsand some indiviudals clearly read something else in to the reason as to why I posted the Coudenhove Kalergi plan article in the first place. I can not apologise for somebody else’s beliefs and prejudices that are in their minds and for individuals mis-construing my reasons for sharing, on one paper’s comments section, having counted all of the positive v negative comments I received over 75% support from people just saying the article in itself is correct as to the state of Europe and the UK today.

    However I can apologise for not taking extra care by clicking on every link on that particular Western Spring site page to double check where all those links diverted to and then even maybe diverted to again where the final place or origin, being the Golden Dawn website has clearly caused offence… So yes I am sorry for not spending a little more due diligence time. By the way for your readers, the very next post above the one that has attracted all the attention is Nigel Farage’s speech about Judeo-Christian values being eroded… Does this mean he dismisses other religions now in our country?!

    6. This is my response and thanks for allowing me to explain my reasons for the post and re-empahise that I am not racist, infact a detest anyone being labelled with any kind of label, not just directed at a colour or creed, but body type, hair colour, intelligence level, food likes or dislike, someone’s stance on anything in life etc etc, politics especially… ‘Labels’ allow individuals to be ‘grouped’ and labelled by others and then easily targetted. Anyone outside of the specific group are able to take Their own ‘groups’ stance in order to attack another, it’s attack by decompartmentalization. It’s the Rule of Ruling… Divide and Conquer. Ultimately, none of us own the planet, we are all merely custodians of it, no-one is more superior than another and everyone has the right to live the best life they can, travel where they wish and be with whomsoever they wish. It is the corruption of the Banking System and the families that still own them today that causes the troubles to divert attention from themselves and THEIR Master Plan. Coudenhove Kalergi is just one of many plans. These words I have posted out in articles, discussions and Facebook posts for many many years. As many others have too.

    As a final word on this matter, as it is both pertinent to my character, dismisses all the nonsense headlines of recent days and very much underlines my words above… I am IN a mixed-race relationship. No-one read that in the press… I wonder why!?

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  11. Fabulous. Most High be with you.

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  12. Tom,
    Be careful with ‘juridictions’. Many years ago I lost against Conrad Black (still, technically, a member of the House of Lords). I was bankrupted. The allegations I made finally ‘did for him’ in a US court but had no relevance here in Britain.

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  13. Anthony Day said:

    Well this is all Democracy isn’t it Ha ha ha ha


  14. just send me a few quid and we will forget all about it.


  15. Dear Tom

    I can’t afford Lawyers but I do have a Kareoke Machine, a Shirley Bassey Laserdisc and I know how to tie people to chairs so that they cannot protect their ears…


  16. Kevin Gleig said:

    Tom, more power to your elbow; though, to be fair, it was good of the KIPU man to help you, by demonstrating what a prat he is

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  17. sidthemanager said:

    I’ve had one libel threat in 28 years of writing stuff that some politicians or lawyers may take personal offence to. That threat was from someone unarmed for a battle of wits, but with enough money to make a pain of himself (albeit he didn’t have Elton’s budget to actually employe a libel lawyer – keep saving those green shield stamps). Love your blog. Keep up the passion and motivation melovely.

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  18. This is probably the best thing I’ve ever read. Fabulous 🙂

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  19. Thanks for showing us the way Tom Pride

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  20. Hello Tom. Please just sue me for anything whatsoever. I will consider it a great honour.


  21. Irrelevant is spelt with a l and a v, not a v and an r.

    You’re welcome!


  22. Well said Tom !


  23. This is heading for the Streisand effect when any attempt to censor a piece of information has an unintended consequence of spreading the information more widely. When people are aware stuff is being kept from them the motivation to access and spread the information is increased.

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  24. Simon Balfre said:

    Mark_Walker_UKIP I know it’s not-picking so long after the event, but your response on January 31st 2015 contains a rather small, but irritating error on your part.

    The abbreviation of the Latin phrase “et alia” meaning “and others” is “et al” and not “et all” as you wrote. I can only assume that this was a typographical error bought about by the intensity of your feelings at the time.

    I sincerely hope that you won’t be offended by my pointing this out.


  25. Well said…


  26. Fair play mate, never back down to the bastards.


  27. Sorry, but pen to paper is so old hat. Why not a more modern take, let’s say…. Oh I know, finger to keyboard perhaps? Great blog the only bad aspect is it has to be written. Keep up the exposing Tom.


  28. drwmeddelton said:

    Good for you


  29. Mickelmas youngus said:

    You may wish to update your false story about UK loosing £1.7 trillion and not being allowed to join WTO.

    Her is a link that discredits you ramblings


  30. Tom Stephens said:

    Like your style, Tom. The great and the good, the movers and shakers, the high and the mighty, and our elders and betters all need a sharp eye kept on them. They don’t like it up ’em, and we need people who will fearlessly stick it up ’em when they deserve it. Especially when done with intelligence. Don’t stop.


  31. Oh, Tom! Thomas! Tommy-baby! You didn’t!
    Didn’t what I imagine you wondering?
    Nothing! Exactly.


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