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I’ve (half) joked before about George Osborne being in conflict with himself:

Osborne Blames Chancellor For Lacklustre Economy

But now I’m getting seriously worried about the mental health of the man charged with leading our economy during the most serious recession this country has possibly ever faced.

Could he really have a split personality?

Consider this. The Bank of England has just announced an injection of electronic cash into the banking system of £50 billion.

But hang on a minute. Look at what George Osborne said in 2009 when Gordon Brown did something similar:

The very fact the Treasury is speculating about printing money shows Gordon Brown has led Britain to the brink of bankruptcy.

Printing money is the last resort of desperate governments when all other policies have failed…..I don’t think anyone should be pleased that we have reached this point. It is an admission of failure and carries considerable risk.

So that means George Osborne, in his own words, thinks the Chancellor has failed and has led Britain to the brink of bankruptcy?

I genuinely hope he’s just being breathtakingly hypocritical because a rather worrying thought has just occurred to me.

What if he doesn’t realise he’s the Chancellor?

I mean we all know Gideon isn’t the sharpest tool in the box but what if our George has completely lost touch with all reality? What if the strain of going straight from being a towel folder in Selfridges to being in charge of one of the world’s biggest economies has just proven too much for him and his cheese really has finally slipped off his cracker?

I’d be really grateful if someone suitably qualified could have a quiet word with him and assure me it’s just good old fashioned hypocrisy he’s displaying.

The alternative is much too scary to contemplate.


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