(not satire – it’s the state of democracy in the UK today)

According to just about all the UK press, National Trust members voted to reject a ban on culling badgers on its land at its AGM last Saturday.

Here are a few examples of articles which clearly state that:

National Trust members reject badger cull ban call

National Trust members vote against badger cull ban

National Trust annual meeting votes against ban on badger culls

National Trust rejects motion to outlaw cull

National Trust votes against badger vaccination

Only one problem with all of those stories.

They’re not true.

National Trust members didn’t vote against a ban – they voted for it.

There were 7,807 votes in favour of the resolution and 6,583 against it.

So what happened?

National Trust chairman Simon Jenkins overruled the members’ vote by using a discretionary block of 2,111 proxy votes.

These are members who voted neither for nor against the resolution.

Jenkins decided to use the block of proxy votes to vote down the ban on culling badgers on National Trust land – ignoring the clear wishes and democratic will of National trust members.

Why would Jenkins do that?

Could it be because he rather likes the idea of hunting defenceless animals?


Here’s a petition demanding the dismissal of Jenkins:

Dismiss Chairman Simon Jenkins due to recent overturning of National Trust Members’ popular vote to prohibit badger culling on National Trust land


You can also tell Jenkins what you think of his shenanigans on Twitter – @simonjenkins4


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