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(not satire – unfortunately)

This is truly shocking. Police in the UK today are threatening to arrest, prosecute and even help evict tenants who publicly complain about rogue landlords. I find it hard to believe this kind of censorship is going on in Britain today. Please share.

When several tenants complained to police about their treatment at the hands of a couple of wealthy rogue landlords in Hastings, Sussex, they were told the police could do nothing to help them because it was a civil matter.

Here’s an article from local newspaper the Hastings Observer as an example of some of the problems tenants have been having with Oakfield Property in Hastings:

Couple crushed by Oakfield clashes

However, when one of the tenants decided to fight back by setting up a website criticising the dodgy landlords with satirical cartoons – Hastings Police told her to take down the critical posts or face arrest, prosecution and even eviction (see emails below).

The cartoonist – who satirised one of the landlords with a cartoon figure called Mr K – agreed to remove the cartoons but despite that she has been told by Hastings Police she is still facing prosecution.

Presumably, now I’ve also published one of the cartoons and critical information about Oakfield Property (Hastings) – I will also be getting a message from Hastings Police threatening me with arrest.

So here’s a message to any Hastings police officer who may be reading this blogpost.

One of the landlords you are doing so so much to protect from “harassment” from his tenants, was given a suspended prison sentence two years ago for repeatedly punching one of your colleagues in the face:

newstead estate agent thug


I suspect once some of the PCs have read this article about Mr Neil Newstead – owner of Oakfield Property – there might be some second thoughts going on at Hastings Police Station.

So why don’t you stop acting like the bully boys of a few rich and powerful landlords and do the job you’re supposed to be doing instead – namely protecting members of the public from thugs and criminals like Newstead.


Please share – the more people read about this despicable behaviour by Hastings Police – the less likely it is the police will carry out their threats.

Here are excerpts from threatening emails from a PC Toby SPIRES CS633 at Hastings Police Station (click to enlarge):

hastings police censor blogger 1

In this second threatening message, Hastings Police describe publishing satirical cartoons as “not an acceptable form of protest” and “criminal activity”:

hastings police censor blogger 2


And finally, here’s an example of one of the satirical cartoons which were harassing poor sensitive Mr Newstead so much they warranted the threat of arrest from Hastings Police:

mr chinless the thug landlord