In a sign of serious disagreement inside the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne has publicly blamed the Chancellor’s policies for causing a double dip in the economy.

In a direct challenge to the Chancellor, Mr Osborne has announced he will reverse previous policy and invest in new capital projects in order to create new jobs in a bid to stimulate growth and ease the pain of the economic downturn, which he claims was caused by the Chancellor’s policy of irresponsible austerity and spending cuts.

In a statement openly criticising the Chancellor, Mr Osborne said:

It’s clear the rash actions of the Chancellor mean the country is on the brink of a new recession and that is why I have decided to step in before his irresponsible polices are able to do any more damage to the economy.

After a raft of recent economic indicators which all show the UK is likely to enter recession next year, Mr Osborne directly contradicted previous statements made by the Chancellor and made clear he did not agree with the economic direction undertaken by Number 11:

The truth may not make for comfortable cohabitation inside Number 11, especially around the table at breakfast time which can be a bit awkward sometimes, but it is important we do not allow my internal disagreements to get in the way of the important job which both the Chancellor and I have sworn to undertake – namely to ensure the country’s economy is being run in a clear, consistent and credible way. We are in one mind about that. Both the Chancellor and I.

Economics experts were divided on whether the conflict was an indication of serious splits in the Chancellor’s personality. One expert explained:

I’m an economist not a psychologist so I couldn’t tell you the state of Mr Osborne’s mind. One thing I do know though. If the state of his mind is anything like the economy, he’s f***ed.


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