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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read in the press that whatever opposition there is to the government’s decision to cull badgers in order to control bovine TB – at least the majority of farmers in England support their decision.

Well actually they don’t.

The truth is that it’s not English farmers who support the government’s decision to indiscriminately cull badgers but the National Farmers Union – which has not even balloted its membership on the subject.

Not that it matters because even if 100% of the NFU supported the cull, they represent just 55,000 out of 307,000 agricultural workers in England  – that’s a trifling 18% of farmers.

The NFU also represents mostly the richest and biggest agricultural land owners in England – and is historically very close to the Tory party.

Call me an old cynic, but could it be the government’s decision to allow the indiscriminate shooting of large numbers of badgers whether or not they are even infected is just a way for the Tories to reintroduce blood sports back into the English countryside?


See here for some information about English farmers who are against the badger cull:

Farmers against the badger cull


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