Coalition Colouring Book

You can now get a full copy of the Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book either as a PDF download (£1.94):

book cover ebbok

or in paperback (£5.20):

book cover print


Here are some sample pages:

cameron coloringesther cabinet meetinghomeless spikes

Osborne and miss whiplash
sad boy no toysvince lost balls


The book will hopefully make a perfect present for anyone you know who isn’t a fan of the present government.

Or on second thoughts, why not annoy someone who is a big David Cameron or Nick Clegg fan by giving them a copy too?

5 thoughts on “Coalition Colouring Book”

  1. Have just written a review on your simply wonderful colouring and activities book on Vive La Revolution! 🙂

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  2. sue sumner said:

    Haha..if I had any money left after paying my rent which has doubled in the last 5 years, i would definitely buy the coalition colouring book. Love it!


  3. Hilarious.


  4. Any plans for a new one for May et al?


  5. Excellent – you must have been reading my mind. Well done.


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