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(Not satire – it’s the BBC!)

The BBC was left reeling tonight after it uncovered itself trying to cover-up a cover-up it failed to uncover of it trying to cover up allegations of a cover-up of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.

The BBC’s uncovering of its own cover-up was uncovered by the BBC’s Panorama after it uncovered a cover-up by the BBC’s Newsnight which it is alleged was attempting to uncover a cover-up which was eventually only uncovered by ITV.

A spokesperson for the BBC tried in vain to explain what the f**k was going on:

All I know is that I’ve been ordered to explain that there’s been no cover-up whatsoever at the BBC. Apart from the one the BBC has uncovered tonight on Panorama of course.

In a related incident, the BBC has denied the BBC has accused it of attempting to hide from itself accusations that it may have been denying it had accused itself of not accusing itself of something it should have accused itself of.

In the meantime, children are being sexually abused on the BBC’s premises and everyone there is so busy trying to uncover each other’s cover-ups that nobody’s actually doing anything about it.


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