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(not satire – it’s UK today!)

Nothing annoys me more than right-wing authoritarians pretending to be libertarian.

And unfortunately for me, at the moment the country seems awash with them.

If it’s not right-wing, pro-Tory, Murdoch columnist and blogger Guido Fawkes pretending to be a ‘libertarian’ rebel, it’s UKIP leader Nigel Farage claiming his party is ‘libertarian’.

Guido a rebel? Don’t make me laugh. If Guido entered parliament he wouldn’t so much try to blow it up as go for a G&T and a cosy chat with its extremely authoritarian leading members.

And as for Nigel Farage, I can’t imagine anything less libertarian than politicians deciding who you can and can’t get married to, can you?

If I’m wrong about that, then where is all the outrage from these so-called libertarians about the government’s attempts to push through secret courts?

You know – the Kafkaesque idea that a judge and a government representative can meet without you or your legal representative and decide if you’re guilty or not of something.

They don’t even have to tell you what you’ve been accused of.

I had a look at UKIP’s policy documents and their only policy I could see on justice and crime – apart from stopping all cooperation with foreign police forces – is to spend 2 billion more of taxpayers’ money on building more prisons.

Although to be fair, if the UK stopped all cooperation with foreign police forces, there’d be such an international crime free-for-all and breakdown of law and order in the UK we’ll be needing all those extra prison places.

And as far as I’m aware, Nigel Farage and his party have said nothing at all about secret courts.

If UKIP supports government policy on secret courts, that’s fine.

But they should stop this ridiculous pretence they’re libertarian because they’re not.

They’re just a bunch of right-wing authoritarian Thatcherites who don’t like foreigners and homosexuals much.

Nothing in the least bit libertarian about that.


For more about secret courts, have a look at Liberty’s website here:



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