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Scientists are warning that the number of native birds in the UK is plummeting because of increasing threats being made to them from experienced trappers such as millionaire Tory peers and other dangerous predatory species.

The shocking statistics are contained in the State of the UK’s Birds 2012 report, published on Monday, which says many native British species are vanishing from on-line social media after being scared off by the possibility of being sued for making offensive tweets.

Changes in libel laws and more restrictive management of on-line wastelands such as Facebook and Twitter are believed to have contributed to the losses. In some cases, native species have found it difficult to locate suitable places on the internet to be able to nest safely, or places where they can forage for information on-line safe from the talons of greedy Lords and voracious species of other hunters such as lawyers and solicitors.

One of the biggest losers is the house tit – which prefers to make its habitat in suburban bedrooms and survives on cold pizza and pies for most of the year – and is too easily scared off by the threat of being sued by big beasts of prey attracted by their tweets, even though experts say the threat is actually grossly exaggerated.

But there have been winners as well as losers. The McAlpine chaffinch – which prefers to nest in the south of Italy most of the year safe from the clutches of native predators such as the taxman –  has managed to increase its income by consuming hundreds of unsuspecting British tweeters a day.


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