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(not satire – unfortunately)

The bizarre phrase that’s being used now to explain how Jimmy Savile got away with abusing hundreds of children for decades is that he was supposedly ‘hiding in plain sight’.

This strange notion somehow suggests Savile’s crimes were hidden from everyone – even though he was committing them openly.

It also suggests that despite the many, many complaints against him, the reason the police or the prosecutors or the BBC or the hospital trusts or the security services such as MI5 – who would have vetted him before he had any close contact with Prime Ministers and leading members of the royal family – did nothing to stop him was because his crimes were somehow ‘hidden’ from them.

In plain sight.

Is it only me thinks that’s a load of bollocks?

I’ve already written about MI5 admitting they vetted BBC staff in the past – including presenters such as Savile:

MI5 vetted Savile. And decided paedophilia was nothing to worry about?

So let’s stop using these clever weasel words to try to pass the buck over the failure of the establishment to protect our children from high-level paedophiles such as Savile and call it by its real name:

An institutional cover-up.


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