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Some people still think the reason Jimmy Savile managed to abuse hundreds and hundreds of children and women for decades without facing even one prosecution during his lifetime was because he managed to hide his wrongdoing ‘in plain sight’ of the authorities.

I’ve already written about how that ridiculous phrase is being used widely in the press as an allusion for a good old-fashioned cover-up:

Savile wasn’t ‘hiding in plain sight’. It was a cover-up.

I mean, I wonder just how naive you have to be to think that Savile’s known closeness to the police – not to mention prime ministers and royalty – had nothing to do with the institutional failure to prosecute him.

For example – for 20 years until shortly before his death, Savile boasted about what he called his ‘Friday Morning Club’ – in which up to as many as nine serving and retired West Yorkshire police officers would regularly spend the morning at his Leeds home chatting, eating cakes and drinking whiskey with him.

We even know the names of a couple of his guests:

One was a Sgt Mathew Appleyard and another an Inspector Mick Starkey.

So why all the doubt?

This Savile scandal is as obvious a cover-up as anything I can remember for a long long time.



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