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CONTROVERSIAL government plans to cull tax dodgers in England and Wales have been delayed after new research has shown that large numbers of their populations are major contributors to the Conservative Party.

The cull was intended to tackle the problem of tax evasion in pilot areas in the south of England in an effort to reduce levels of porcine unscrupulosis – more commonly known as ‘snout-in-trough’ disease.

In a statement to MPs, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said the cull “should have begun” earlier this summer but had been delayed after research had revealed that as a direct result of the cull there could be a severe lack of funds drifting into his party’s coffers.

The anti-cull campaigner and musician Gary Barlow – who has campaigned tirelessly not to have to pay any tax on his millions – welcomed the delay.

In a statement, Mr Barlow said:

I welcome this delay as the inhumane decision to cull multi-million pound tax dodging schemes like the one I use was clearly the wrong thing to do. The government should now look at ways to make more money by taking it from pensioners and disabled people instead.


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