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Scientists have identified a peculiar-looking new species of living media fossil, which sucks the will to live out of every living being it comes into contact with.

The bizarre media creature – described as a cross between a bird, a vampire and a dinosaur – has been identified from fossils found buried on a satellite television station by scientists who say the species should have died out millions of years ago.

The species – which scientists have labelled the Kayax Burleyus  – is remarkably similar to a domestic rat and is said to be utterly ruthless and to feed exclusively off the emotions of human beings.

Kayax Burleyus

It has a parrot-like voice with two stabbing talons at the front behind a microphone for slicing up innocent people it gets close enough to interview.

The latest discovery comes at a time the callous vampire dinosaur appeared on satellite news attempting to suck the life out of its unsuspecting human prey.


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