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A well-known BBC paedophile has vowed to fight allegations going back as far as the 1970s that he was a crap comedian known as Jim Davidson and has vowed to clear his name of what he called ‘disgusting’ accusations that he abused audiences with bad racist and sexist jokes over several decades.

The paedophile was arrested as part of a Metropolitan police investigation into allegations that innocent audiences were regularly abused by the man – known by his victims as ‘uncle nick-nick’.

However, in a statement the paedophile ‘strongly’ denied accusations he was ever a crap 1970s comedian who liked to tell racist jokes and beat up his wives.

Despite many pundits expressing skepticism that BBC managers could have been unaware of the scale of horrific audience abuse being carried out by its employees for so long, the BBC for its part denies accusations that it was aware of appalling shows such as The Generation Game and Big Break being hosted by anyone on its premises.

In answer to accusations that the BBC regularly turned a blind eye in the past to appalling entertainment by its top presenters, a BBC spokesperson said:

Attitudes were different in the 1970s – people were happy to put up with being entertained by crap turns like the Krankies for f**k’s sake. What do you expect?


NOTE: As far as I know, Davidson has not actually been arrested on charges of paedophilia – just sexual offences. He also denies any wrongdoing on his part.

Also, please don’t accuse me of making light of a serious matter. Rest assured, the things I bother to satirise I take very seriously indeed.

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