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OFCOM concludes Rupert Murdoch ‘fit and proper’ to run Sky, The Sun, the moon and the government.

UK media regulator Ofcom has concluded that Sky owner Rupert Murdoch and his son James are “fit and proper” broadcasters to run the country, including the Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Ofcom decision comes in the wake of the phone hacking scandal that has engulfed Mr Murdoch ‘s media empire, which owns a 69% stake in Mr Cameron as well as just about every other person in charge of the country.

In a ruling on Thursday, Ofcom said:

In July 2011, in light of the public debate about phone hacking and other allegations, Ofcom confirmed that it had a duty to consider whether Mr Murdoch was fit and proper to continue to hold a stake in our prime minister.

Ofcom considers that, on the evidence currently available and having taken into account all the relevant factors – such as the fact that the man seems to have everybody from government ministers to senior police officers in his pocket – we would be extremely foolish, and quite frankly far too scared, to find he is anything other than fit and proper to hold his broadcast licences.

However, in its statement, Ofcom did find enough courage to criticise Mr Murdoch’s son, James – who is a former Former BSkyB chairman – for his role in the scandal:

Ofcom considers on the basis of the evidence available to date, specifically in relation to the conduct of senior management of the newspaper group, there is reasonable basis and sufficient grounds to conclude that James Murdoch is clearly a bit of a wanker.


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