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Lord McAlpine’s lawyers have announced they are to issue a writ for defamation of character to Lord McAlpine after discovering he has publicly mentioned his own name in connection with false child abuse allegations.

The Tory peer is reported to be taking actions against himself after his lawyers confirmed they had evidence he had implicated himself in a televised interview as the victim of false rumours alleging a senior political figure was involved in historic abuse in North Wales.

According to the Sunday Times, lawyers for McAlpine are planning libel action against a ‘very long list’ of other people who may have repeated his name in public at the time of intense speculation – including his wife who recklessly named him while introducing someone to him at a party and a hotel receptionist who admits she may have written his name on a bill.

The BBC last week agreed to pay Lord McAlpine £185,000 in an out-of-court settlement after admitting its Newsnight programme hadn’t named an unnamed name it didn’t name as Lord McAlpine – a name which they didn’t name.

A spokesperson for the BBC said the broadcaster had agreed to reach an out-of-court settlement with the Tory peer after its lawyers advised them that the case was potentially so confusing they probably wouldn’t have a clue what the f**k was going on.


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