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(It’s not satire – it’s Rupert Murdoch)

I’ve not pulled any punches in my criticism of the poor handling by the BBC of the Jimmy Savile scandal and I’m not going to stop.

But I can’t stand the hypocrisy of the Murdoch press taking the moral high ground against the BBC any more.

Murdoch’s clever. He’s already managed to reduce the phone hacking scandal to one of a battle between ‘scumbag celebrities’ and a ‘free and open’ press.

But we’re in danger of allowing Murdoch’s spin to erase the memory of the abuse that was meted out to innocent people, in one case a murdered child, by his own press.

The phone hacking scandal isn’t about ‘scumbag celebrities’. It’s about the abuse by Murdoch of a murdered schoolgirl – Milly Dowler – and her family.

And while Murdoch and the rest of the UK tabloids drone on and on about a free press, let’s not forget that in four decades – four decades – of open abuse by Jimmy Savile and others not one of Murdoch’s reporters or newspapers or editors – not even one – managed to tell us about it.

Mainly because at the height of Savile’s reign of abuse, in the 70s and 80s, Murdoch was too busy inventing stories about the so-called ‘loony left‘ for his own selfish political and financial ends to be bothered about mere children being sexually abused by people he was probably friendly with.

Don’t let Murdoch get away with burying his own disgusting past when it comes to using and abusing innocent victims.

RIP Milly Dowler. Lest we forget.


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