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Some uncharitable people have been casting doubts on the information I gave in my previous post about David Cameron being sold off by Rupert Murdoch to Pixar so he can star in their forthcoming production of Tory Story 4 as Buzz Lightyear:

Rupert Murdoch denies claims he may sell off scandal-ridden UK government ministers

Well all you doubters – it looks like the deals already been done. And just to prove it, here’s an official picture that’s just been released of Cameron as Buzz Lightyear:

So now you see – I was right:

Our Prime Minister really is an arrogant plastic space cowboy.

But now that’s got me wondering about who could be in line to play some of the other characters.

For example, who could be playing Sheriff Woody Pride – the cowboy pull-string doll? Kenneth Clarke?

And what about Jessie the Cowgirl? Theresa May?

George Osborne would obviously be perfect as Hamm,  the Piggy Bank who is worried he may be useless because unlike real piggy banks, he has a cork in his belly in place of a stopper.

And Nick Clegg?

Well clearly he’s Rex – the excitable large, green, plastic dinosaur who suffers from anxiety about being unwanted, has a severe inferiority complex and a concern that he just isn’t scary enough.

What do you think?


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