The Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected accusations he is patronising to women by announcing a series of measures designed to help stay-at-home and working mothers with their household chores such as ironing, cleaning and making sure the family dinner is on the table on time.

The moves come after new research shows the Prime Minister has a “trust deficit” with women that could cost him the next general election and has led to Mr Cameron aiming to prove he understands which issues are of the most concern to female voters by announcing tax reductions on essential household items such as irons, vacuum cleaners and shoes.

After his questionable handling of the sacking of senior women ministers in his reshuffle last week, the Prime Minister has ordered Maria Miller, the new Culture Secretary and Equalities Minister, to draw up plans to appeal to the female vote, ranging from help for women to learn how to cook during pregnancy to reducing the costs of juggling a career with putting the kettle on and cleaning up after the kids.

Mr Cameron is also under fire for implying that the outgoing Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, was too old to remain in government and No 10 was also forced to deny that Mr Cameron drank wine as he sacked Cheryl Gillan, the outgoing Welsh Secretary in his Commons office on Monday evening.

In an interview with the Independent on Sunday, Mr Cameron said:

I wasn’t drinking wine during the discussion with Ms Gillan, it was coffee. And in fact, I can say with all honesty, that Ms Gillan makes the best cup of coffee out of all the women I’ve ever had in my cabinet.


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