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(not satire – it’s Wallace vs Flashman)

So what was the Right’s response to Ed Miliband’s thoughtful speech on One Nation politics at the Labour Party conference? This –

‘Yes but he will never be PM because he still looks like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, doesn’t he?”

Which of course – as he himself has admitted – he does.

But I’ve never understood why that’s supposed to be such a bad thing.

Wallace is a likeable working class eccentric who loves English cheese, Lancashire hotpot and a cup of tea. He loves his dog and is a loyal friend. He has a kindly nature, although is perhaps a little over-optimistic sometimes. He has a good heart and always means well.

His creator, Nick Park said the character is based on his own dad:

He’s a very self-contained figure. A very homely sort who doesn’t mind the odd adventure.

And the icons project had this to say about Wallace and Gromit:

They have done more to improve the image of the English world-wide than any officially appointed ambassadors.

Can’t see much wrong with all that, can you?

Or maybe some would prefer Flashman? A notorious public school bully who is finally expelled for drunkenness, an antihero who runs from danger or hides cowering in fear, betrays or abandons acquaintances at the slightest incentive, bullies and beats servants with gusto, beds every available woman, carries off any loot he can grab, and gambles and boozes enthusiastically.

I know which I’d prefer for a Prime Minister. Do you?


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