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(not satire – it’s a serious question!)

I’m curious why Eton doesn’t produce at least some rebels and lefties.

It sounds a daft thing to say I know – privilege protecting itself and all that – but you’d expect at least a small percentage of the people it produces to have worked out that meritocracy is far better economically, morally, socially and practically than plutocracy.

Surely there must be a least a few rebels amongst Old Etonians? A certain amount of rebellion would be normal in any environment – unless the school is indulging in some kind of serious brain-washing rather than producing the thoughtful, critical, questioning, intelligent young people it claims to be producing.

So where are all the left-wing, rebellious Old-Etonians?

The only OE I could find to fit that description is the former Labour MP Tam Dalyell – although surprisingly he was a Tory until his 20s so it could be argued that even in his case Eton produced a Tory.

If you know of any lefty, rebellious Old-Etonians – or are one yourself – come out come out wherever you are. It’d be great to know you exist!


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