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David Cameron’s team may be a mix of young and veteran stars but their chances look slim as the team’s defences are likely to face merciless probing in a gruelling series of testing encounters in the Leveson tournament taking place next week.

Mr Cameron’s line-up is looking even more shaky with injuries to key players such as right-winger George Osborne, out-on-a-limb Nick Clegg and Murdoch defender Jeremy Hunt who caused himself serious injury after attempting to avoid defeat with a series of hopeless long shots during his last appearance in his role as central government defender.

Osborne in particular has serious problems after doubt was cast on his fitness to fulfil his duties when he seriously injured himself last March after he was outflanked attempting to face down an attack from the right-wing which resulted in a series of own goals.

Mr Cameron’s problems come as his captaincy has been more and more called into question particularly over his decision to include the increasingly ineffective Clegg in the national team.

Liverpool right-winger Nadine Dorries has been particularly critical of the team’s shortcomings calling Osborne and Cameron in particular “out of touch” so much that they are constantly outflanked by the opposition’s Balls.

She told BBC2’s Daily Politics:

There is a very tight, narrow clique in charge and this means Cameron and Osborne never seem to have enough balls to do what is necessary to succeed.


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