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Red-faced diplomats struggled to play down numerous gaffs by David Cameron, an accident-prone UK candidate for the country’s 2015 elections, after he dropped a series of embarrassing diplomatic clangers on his 5-year stopover at Number 10 Downing Street.

The blundering, gaff-prone party leader, who is on a temporary visit to Number 10 before elections in 3 years time which many experts say he looks certain to lose, managed to insult the whole of Britain after saying the military would have to be called in because he wasn’t sure the country would be ready to stage the Olympics.

The embarrassing statement by the millionaire Conservative candidate, who is often accused of being out-of-touch with voters due to his enormous wealth, came as he greeted US Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

In a joint statement both candidates vowed to stop dropping clangers and pledged to do everything they could to support each other in their endeavour to stop being such an embarrassment to their respective countries.

However, pundits say according to polls neither leader is likely to win their upcoming elections possibly due to the fact that voters suspect they are both bungling idiots who got where they were by dint of their family ties, not ability.


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