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The prime minister has suggested that young people under the age of 25 could lose the right to housing benefit, as part of moves to cut the Tory Party’s deficit in the opinion polls.

Experts say that scrapping the benefit for that particular age group could reduce the national deficit of the prime minister’s party by as much 8% points by attracting back the elderly redneck vote who in recent months have deserted him for UKIP.

In an interview in the Mail on Sunday, Cameron said he wanted to reverse the growing deficit by making as many young people homeless as possible:

It’s time everyone grasped the nettle and accepted that if we want things to improve, it’s obvious that the welfare system is going to have to be reformed so that it favours older, richer Conservative voting people over younger, poorer non-Conservative voting people.

Obviously, if you compare a couple living with their parents in a big mansion who have daddies like mine who can find you a job, with a couple who are trapped in the welfare system because they’re homeless and can’t find work because under my policies there aren’t any jobs to be had – it’s clear that the richer ones are much more likely to vote Conservative.

Mr Cameron also said that he also favoured new curbs on the Jobseeker’s Allowance – mainly because research showed that people not seeking a job were either too old to need one or rich enough to do without one and therefore much more likely to be a Tory.

Later this week, Mr Cameron will set out more proposals aimed at cutting his personal deficit in the polls, which could include forcing some Labour voters to do community work after two years on benefits.

But a senior Lib Dem warned that the priority was to get young people into voting for them – by making out they have different policies from their coalition partners.

A spokesperson for Nick Clegg said:

It’s extremely important that the Liberal Democrats don’t repeat the mistakes of the 1980s by ending up being a party nobody in their right mind would ever consider voting for. In order to avoid that – while at the same time keeping our chauffeur-driven government cars and our fancy cabinet job titles –  the immediate priority with young people is to make them think we care about them long enough so we avoid being blighted by long periods of Liberal Democratic unemployment –  as we had in the 1980s – an appalling decade when so few people voted for us that we had to go out and try to get normal jobs like everyone else.


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