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(This isn’t satire – it’s G4S!)

UPDATE – unbelievably our coalition government has just announced it is extending G4S’s contract to guard the UK embassy in Kabul even though the firm was sacked by the US government from guarding the US embassy there because of the following bizarre scandal:

In 2009, the US State department sacked the firm providing security for the US embassy in Kabul after a scandal in which the private company was accused of understaffing the facility and ignoring lewd, drunken conduct and sexual hazing by its guards.

According to whistle-blowers, the firm’s security guards and supervisors, instead of providing protection for the embassy premises and personnel, were spending all their time getting drunk at parties, including “peeing on people, eating potato chips out of [buttock] cracks, vodka shots out of [buttock] cracks, broken doors after drunken brawls, threats and intimidation from those leaders participating in this activity”.

There were even pictures, you can see them here.

The security firm in charge of this fiasco was called ArmorGroup America.

A quick check and they are in fact owned by another US security company called Wackenhut Corporation.

Who in turn are part of – yes you’ve guessed it – G4S. The very firm our government gave 300 million quid of taxpayer’s (our) money to (not be able to) provide security at the Olympic Games.

And now it’s been announced that our government has just given a £72 million contract to guard the UK embassy in Kabul also to G4S!

Which in my mind rather begs this question:

If a security company is such a bunch of cowboys its staff were caught drinking vodka out of each other’s bottoms instead of guarding important venues – what does it have to do before governments like ours decide it’s not competent enough to win massive contracts like the Olympics or keep our diplomatic staff safe?

Answers on a postcard please.



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