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POLICE forces across the UK have launched a crackdown on antisocial behaviour after fears that gangs of out-of-control Tory MPs are turning Britain’s town centres into no-go zones.

That is the fear of senior police officers, who say the problem has become particularly acute in the centre of London in recent days, with troublesome senior Conservative ministers allegedly intimidating residents and passers-by as well as using abusive language to police officers.

The capital’s neighbourhood policing teams are already tackling aggressive and arrogant behaviour by right-wing MPs in the worst affected locations – particularly the notorious Downing Street area of the City – as a priority and say they will take action to prevent further anti-social behaviour by roaming gangs of troublesome government ministers.

In a message to residents, police have also asked local people to continue to report to them any further incidents of intimidation or abusive language by top Tories:

It’s important that we try to engage these people – most of whom are on the fringes of normal society and spend most of their days idly hanging around in government offices pretending to run the country – and attempt to push them towards other less destructive activities instead.

In a related incident, a police hotline was inundated with hundreds of thousands of calls and crashed after police made an appeal that anyone with information about destructive behaviour by government ministers should contact them.


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