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A TERRIFYING flaw in London’s Olympic Park security was exposed last night after a worker smuggled a REAL can of PEPSI inside.

He sailed past TWO checkpoints without being stopped — and managed to openly take several swigs from the non-Olympic sponsor brand of pop inside the arena – just days before the Olympic Games are officially due to open.

He was never even challenged!

These pictures show the can of Pepsi inside a heavily-guarded ring of steel — just yards from the showpiece Olympic Stadium.

It looks like a can of pop made by a non-sponsor of the Olympics, it feels like a can of pop made by a non-sponsor of the Olympics but it has a ring pull just like a can of pop made by official Olympic sponsor COCA COLA. And incredibly a worker carrying it in his pocket was simply allowed to walk in UNCHALLENGED.

This is a taste of Britain’s worst Olympic nightmare — that non-sponsors such as Pepsi or Burger King could stage a guerilla marketing ambush that would stun the world – such as allowing people to buy their products.

Astonishingly, guards failed to spot anything as the worker drove through unnoticed with the pop – which was primed and ready to be drunk at any time – just days before tens of thousands of people will be flocking there to be sold sponsors’ products while watching a bit of sport.

Map … route of ‘guerilla’ fizzy drink

The bill for security of sponsors’ products at the Olympics is £1billion and there are 7,000 guards — boosted by nearly 20,000 troops at key times – who are on the look-out for suspicious cans of effervescent beverages not called coke and fast food which is not made by McDonald’s.

The Olympic Park is also surrounded by an 11-mile electric fence costing £80million which is aimed at keeping out any products made by companies which haven’t donated considerable amounts of money to the Tory Party.


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