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(From the Daily Mail)

Conservative MPs have expressed outrage as figures just released suggest large parts of London’s Olympic podiums are being flooded with immigrants, children from mixed race families and people with ginger hair.

The new figures show non-white Olympic medal winners have reached their second highest levels ever despite Coalition promises to slash the number of successful GB athletes by not letting some of them stay in the country.

32-year-old Mail reader and Tory MP for Cannock Chase, Aidan Burley yesterday tweeted his ‘serious concern’ that there are now estimated to be more Muslims on at least one part of an athletics podium than previously estimated, while areas in Stratford and other parts of East London have twice as many non-white athletes winning medals than ever before.

But Tory immigration minister Damian Green promised that future sporting figures would reflect a much stricter visa regime:

Our tough new rules will make a real difference with a record 62 per cent drop in Olympic medals for team GB at the next Olympics, and overall falls in winning anything, creating sporting champions and British people setting world records.

As these policies start to bite we are going to see an end to the years under the previous Labour administration when net sporting prowess was consistently on the rise.


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