(Not satire – it’s G4S!)

I might be a bit slow so forgive me, but I thought the disgraced private security company G4S who so badly f***ed up the Olympics security contract was …. well … a private security company.

So I’m wondering why they’re advertising to employ teachers, psychologists and social workers on their website:

G4S Children’s Services

I was aware that G4S is in charge of security, cleaning, caretaking services etc in some UK schools and that they provide teachers and children’s front-line educational services in the US but this is the first time I’ve heard about them employing front-line educational professionals in the UK.

G4S are also running 7 children’s homes in the UK. See another of their websites here:

G4S Children’s Homes

Is it only me who finds this shocking?

Because I’ve got just one question about the idea of this bunch of cowboys being put in charge of our children.

Are we all stark raving mad?


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