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(satire – or is it?)

Team GB is on course to pile up the sporting gold and silver in 2012, making this year the most successful for selling off school sports fields for more than a century.

Hundreds of thousands of fans will be hoping British victories in primary, secondary and higher school fields of education will add to the precious haul already being hoarded by GB’s coalition team of government ministers.

It comes after the British Woodhouse Primary School team in Staffordshire took gold in a nail-biting contest on Monday and UK’s Kingsbury high school, from Brent in north London, rode to victory in the final of the 55 metre ‘sprint to sell off everything that’s not nailed down to the highest bidder’ event.

The coalition’s success comes after GB’s Labour took only 10 pieces of gold from private investors for school playing fields four years ago – a feat they only bettered a year later when they topped the sell-off table with 11 sell-offs.


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