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The government has announced plans to hand over the running of the whole of England and Wales to private security firm G4S in a move which ministers say will bring significant improvements to their workload and personal bank balances.

The international company – which has already been contracted to run everything from rape referral centres to children’s homes in the UK – will take over the entire management of the two countries from government ministers on a contract which is expected to run for 30 years.

The company announced that trained G4S workers working on an hourly rate of £6.50 an hour will help man the two countries, assisting with making decisions about foreign policy, running the countries’ health and education services as well as providing advice on how members of the public can access optional services such as provision of water, gas, electricity and air for an extra fee.

A spokesperson for G4S said:

We are very pleased to be working with the UK government to be able to provide people who live in England and Wales with easy access to their countries at a reasonable price.

This contract will enable government ministers to spend more time on holiday while at the same time ensuring we get to line our pockets with yet more taxpayers’ money for basic services you’ve already paid for anyway.


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