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In response to a report by The Financial Services Authority which put the blame for the downfall of the Royal Bank of Scotland squarely on failures by its management and board of directors, the government has announced a decision to halve benefits to parents of children with disabilities.

A spokesperson for the Tory and Liberal Democrat coalition explained:

The government understands the public anger at what happened in the banking sector and that is why, in response to the FSA’s report on the failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland, we have decided to take immediate action to solve the problems of regulation in the financial sector and half the amount of money we spend on disabled children.

The spokesperson went on to explain that after the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland and its subsequent bailout, which cost the taxpayer 45 billion pounds and 21,500 British jobs, the government was keen to make sure the kind of systematic abuse of the financial services regulatory system by disabled children was not repeated in the future:

It’s extremely important we learn from our mistakes in the banking crisis. Which is why we are making sure that the irresponsible actions of disabled children and their parents will never be able to cause such a systematic breakdown in the management of our financial system ever again.


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