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In the face of fierce competition from Virgin, G4S and Disney, British outsourcing company Serco has won a multi-million pound contract to run the UK as a Victorian-themed fun park.

The coalition government announced that Serco, in partnership with other private outsourcing companies, had won the four-year contract to operate the country as a theme park where tourists from all over the world will be able to experience first-hand people with disabilities begging for food on street corners and pregnant women queuing for hours in front of authentic looking soup kitchens.

In what is being called a British corporate success story, Serco was selected to deliver the contract which will include an ambitious 2-year plan to develop large areas of overcrowded housing in major urban areas, numerous slums to be built on existing green belt land and the introduction of visible poverty on an industrial scale across most parts of England, Wales and Scotland.

The contract – under which tourists will be able to watch authentic paupers working in authentically dangerous conditions for meagre rations of gruel, dry bread and unclean water in factories, work houses or Tescos – is also expected to include a provision for the re-introduction into the British education system of traditional Victorian diseases such as cholera, scurvy and typhoid.


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