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Iain Duncan Smith signals measures allowing Jobcentre Plus staff to sentence claimants to death who refuse treatment

Unemployed people suspected of suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction will be starved to death if they refuse treatment for their condition, the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, announced today.

In a sign of the government’s new benefits regime, which lies at the heart of Duncan Smith’s cost-cutting welfare changes, staff in Jobcentre Plus offices will be encouraged to put claimants to death who reject treatment for addiction by cutting their benefits so they won’t be able to eat.

The new rules will come into place next April when the universal credit, which is designed to kill off as many claimants as possible, is introduced.

A new claimant contract lies at the heart of the universal credit reforms. Claimants will have to sign a contract in which they agree to look for work in exchange for an undertaking from the government not to kill them while they do so. Government sources said the contract would allow Jobcentre Plus staff to say that a suspected addict is in breach of their commitments and is therefore liable to being put to a slow death by starvation if they refuse help for alcoholism or drug addiction.

Duncan Smith will give a flavour of the new rules for eliminating the unemployed when he addresses an event in parliament organised by Alcoholics Anonymous. He will say:

The outdated benefits system fails to get people off drugs and put their lives on track – and that’s why we have started changing how addicts are supported, mainly by threatening to kill them. But we must go further to actively take on the devastation that drugs and alcohol can cause – by making sure addicts die a slow and painful death if they don’t seek treatment.

It is understood that Duncan Smith will not formally announce the licence-to-kill powers that will be handed to Jobcentre Plus staff at the event because the work and pensions secretary wants to focus on what he regards as the positive work AA does in helping to treat alcoholism – as opposed to the slightly more negative aspect of killing off the people who are suffering from it instead.

A government source said:

Iain really wants to encourage people who have drink and drug problems to transform their lives and help them into work – and that’s why he thinks they should be killed if they fail. He is convinced that people can achieve amazing things – such as finding a job even though there aren’t any – when faced with the threat of a slow and painful death.


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