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Everyone knows the meaning of the word but not many know its origins. Notice the first three letters – D E C. That’s Latin for 10.

Why 10?

At about the same time as the Spartacus Slave Uprising was happening, the Roman authorities had discovered a brutal – and successful – method of browbeating the population, and in particular reluctant Roman legionaries, into fighting for an empire many of them had no belief in or love for. This method they named DECIMATION.

It worked like this.

If a group of legionaries or slaves refused to toe the line, they would be decimated. But this didn’t mean completely destroyed as it does today – the Romans were much too clever for that. No. They had a much more cunning method to browbeat troublemakers into submission and enforce loyalty.

The unit was divided into groups of 10. The groups would then draw lots. The one with the shortest straw would then be beaten or stoned to death by the (very relieved) remaining 9. If any group of 10 refused to obey, they would in turn be slaughtered by the other groups. This meant, in effect, no-one could refuse and by enlisting a majority – 90% – to do their dirty work for them, the authorities succeeded in forcing them to be willing participants in attacks on their own kind – the unfortunate minority 10%.

In other words, Divide and Conquer of the most insidious- and effective – kind.

This method of dealing with unruly citizens worked so well and was so successful, often the groups which had endured ‘decimation’ would subsequently become some of the most loyal, keen servants to their Roman masters.

Today we are seeing a modern day version of Roman decimation by our government. As in ancient Rome, a majority of us are being enlisted to turn on a minority – and relieved it’s not happening to us, many of us are willing participants – by accepting government attacks on some of the most vulnerable members of our society – the sick, the disabled, the unemployed, the very young and the very old.

But as with Spartacus in ancient Rome, today we are seeing some of those people fighting back.

A report published today, entirely researched, written, funded and supported by disabled people, rips apart the government’s lies about its planned reforms of key disability benefits and in a well-coordinated campaign starting today in newspapers, on television, on radio and on the internet involving celebrities, charities, activists and ordinary people, is aiming to derail the government’s attempts to divide and rule the population by demonising and persecuting minorities.

See here for information about how they are fighting back – and how you can help them beat the government:


Please support this modern-day uprising by retweeting (please use the hashtag #spartacusreport), sharing on facebook etc, contacting your MP, and doing everything you can to publicise it today and make sure the government doesn’t succeed in its plans to decimate the most vulnerable members of our society.

Support the Spartacus Report today.


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