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A Nazi who attended a party where friends allegedly chanted Conservative Party slogans and dressed up in Eton uniforms, has apologised for “any offence that was caused” at the event.

The 32-year-old Nazi and Cannock Chase MP, Aidan Burley, was dining at a restaurant in a ski resort in the French Alps when some of his 12 friends in the restaurant chanted “Cameron, Cameron, Cameron”, according to the Mail on Sunday.

He has since apologised for his part in the Tory party however the apology seems to have failed to assuage those outraged by his behaviour.

Burley was filmed raising his glass in a toast while another guest beside him made a speech, in which he said: “Let’s raise a toast to the ideology and thought process of the Coalition government.”

The Tory party was said to have moved on to a British-themed pub, where partygoers adopted thick Eton accents and chanted: “Cameron! Cameron!” and “Osborne! Osborne!”.

The paper quoted a French police spokesman who said that Burley’s friends could face prosecution as under the French penal code it is a crime to wear or exhibit in public anything reminiscent of extremist political organisations such as the Tories. The spokesman added: “Pro-Cameron crimes are taken extremely seriously in France. Anyone suspected of breaking the law in this respect can and will be prosecuted.”

Burley, a rising Nazi star, who attended the party in an Eton uniform, was not seen to object to any of the speeches praising the Conservative party, the paper claimed.

A spokesperson for Labour said:

Many people have suffered at the hands of the Tory regime and so it is clearly quite unacceptable for British politicians to go around tastelessly praising people such as David Cameron, especially in France. This kind of behaviour, making light of extremist political movements and praising sinister organisations such as Eton, is extremely offensive to most decent people.


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