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Nick Clegg has fired a fresh warning today to Tory Eurovision sceptics who are demanding an in-or-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the Eurovision Song Contest after Britain again failed to win, ratcheting up tensions within the coalition Government.

The Deputy Prime Minister told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that leaving Eurovision would leave Britain isolated in the sphere of dodgy pop song writing and competing in the contest should be regarded as one of the government’s most pressing priorities today.

Meanwhile, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, explained why he thinks the UK should consider withdrawing from what he called “a European superstate of song”:

“The Eurovision Song Contest is deeply partisan, undemocratic and corrupt – something we in the UK are quite capable of being all by ourselves without interference from Europe. Look at the House of Lords. And you only have to look at other traditional British institutions such as The Only Way Is Essex and Girls Aloud to see that Britain doesn’t need any help from outside when it comes to creating kitsch.”

Conservative rebels are pushing for an in-or-out referendum on the Song Contest after a Guardian/ICM poll showed they are backed by some 70% of voters who say they would consider voting for UK withdrawal of the song festival.

However,  Mr Clegg said he regarded the UK managing not to come last in the most recent contest as the most important achievement of the Liberal Democrats in the coalition government.


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