Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a local far-right extremist in her constituency who hated ethnic and religious diversity, her tolerance and her opposition to Brexit.

So it’s probably not surprising that other local far-right extremists in her constituency who also hate ethnic and religious diversity, tolerance and opposition to Brexit are desperately trying to cover their tracks in the forthcoming local elections.

At least two hard-right candidates, Aleks Lukic and Paul Halloran – who are standing in two Batley wards on May 2nd – are claiming to be ‘independents’:

But a quick dig reveals that Lukic is actually a former hardline UKIP parliamentary candidate …

Here’s Lukic explaining why all anti-discrimination laws should be abolished

As for Halloran, it turns out he is a hard-line anti-Muslim campaigner whose many obsessively anti-Muslim ponderings on Facebook are now mostly deleted (of course). Here’s an example:

Halloran also once campaigned against the opening of a local Muslim school for girls, saying it would create a ‘no-go zone’:

In a recent video he made for his supporters, Halloran explained why he refused an invitation by local “south Asians” to attend a hustings at a local Muslim community centre. He said it was because “these people” should “come to us” or he’d be “doffing his cap” to them:

Even more shockingly, in a location just metres from where Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right extremist, Halloran openly discussed on social media with his mates (also now deleted) how a supporter of Jo Cox’s successor – Batley and Spen MP Tracey Brabin – needs a “slapping” and should be burnt alive after daring to criticise him:

And in case there should be still any further doubts about the pair’s far-right credentials, Lukic and Halloran are being supported by Tommy Robinson’s book publisher, far-right commentator Danny Lockwood – also known as Ed Lines – who has especially written a blogpost in gushing support of the two ‘independent’ candidates in Batley. Here’s an extract:

The two ‘independent’ candidates are also being supported by former local BNP councillor David Exley. Which is probably why supporters of the two ‘independent’ candidates seem to be 100% white, as can be seen in this photograph of Halloran canvassers. Having a 100% white election campaigning team is no mean feat in an ethnically diverse ward such as Batley West, which is demographically around 40% non-white:

Not surprisingly, UKIP, Brexit Party and the BNP have all decided not to field candidates this year against Lukic and Halloran.

Pure coincidence, I’m sure.