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Mothers in large problem banker families should be “ashamed” of the damage they are doing to society and stop having children who are bankers, a senior government adviser warns today.

Louise Casey, the head of the Government’s troubled families unit, says the state should “interfere” and tell women in top banking families it is irresponsible to keep having children who go on to become bankers and wreck society.

She told The Daily Telegraph that the Government must not be a “soft touch” but instead be prepared to “get stuck in”, challenge taboos and be prepared to clamp down on parents who have already put a burden on society by having too many children who become bankers.

Britain’s 120,000 problem banking families cost taxpayers billions in unpaid tax, crime, anti-social behaviour and bailouts. A fifth of them have more than five children in executive positions of top financial institutions. Ms Casey is leading a scheme to turn their lives around after they were blamed for last year’s riotious behaviour on the markets and the stock exchange.

Ms Casey warns that there needs to be a shift throughout society in attitudes over behaviour of banking executives and that the state must start telling mothers with large families of bankers to take “responsibility” and stop getting pregnant:

I think we should be better at talking about things like shame and guilt. And not being afraid to call a criminal a criminal.

The public has a duty to report problems with hooligans from problem banker families to the police. The more people are clear about the type of bad behaviour that they don’t want to see, and the more they complain about it, the more the police and other authorities are likely to do something about it. The worse thing they can do is suffer in silence.

In my view, most people do want to be decent and do want their kids to behave. I’m just saying we are not helping anybody if we don’t call the police and make criminals like bankers face the consequences of their criminal actions.


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