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An apology to the Mail and David Rose

In several of my posts on my blog “Pride’s Purge”, I have made a number of defamatory statements about the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mail and one of its reporters Mr David Rose.

I now acknowledge that there was no truth to the statements I made on this blog that the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail are newspapers which regularly print fabrications and untruths, have supported fascist parties or are owned by a family which has in the past been friendly with Hitler:

  • I unreservedly and sincerely apologise to the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday for any suggestions I may have made in this blog that they are by any stretch of the imagination newspapers – when they quite clearly wouldn’t know a real piece of news if it stripped itself naked, painted itself bright pink and danced around singing “I’m a piece of news, come on baby, you know you want me”  – and I am sorry for any inconvenience and damage which these untrue statements in my blog may have caused.

I am also happy to correct the assertions I made on this blog that Mr David Rose is a journalist who engages in spin, disinformation and downright lies:

  • I unreservedly and sincerely apologise to Mr David Rose for any suggestion I may have made that he is or has ever been a real journalist and I am sorry for any inconvenience and damage which this untrue statement in my blog may have caused.
  • I would also like to add that if I unwittingly gave the impression that Mr David Rose is in any way a bit of a twat, I unreservedly apologise for that too.


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