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(not satire – it’s the Mail!)

Amazingly, Mail on Sunday hack David Rose has written a whining article in the Mail complaining about being accused of spreading disinformation, lies and spin. Here it is (warning – link to the Mail):

MoS reporter is a secret paedophile in the pay of MI5! Just one of the lies peddled about me on the web

This was actually in response to several articles here attacking him after he did a highly-libellous and defamatory hatchet job in the Mail on child abuse victim Steven Messham.

All I did was to point out Mr Rose’s dodgy past as an establishment ‘fixer’ who has been deeply involved in anti-global warming propaganda as well as government lies about weapons of mass destruction before the Iraq war.

What’s that, you say? A hack – in the Mail – complaining about people spreading defamatory lies about him?

Oh the irony.

Here’s my article he was responding to by the way, if you haven’t already seen it:

Child abuse scandal can of worms – just who is Daily Mail reporter David Rose?

As you can see, in my article I didn’t accuse him of being a lizard or a member of MI5 (more about MI5 later) – but he directly quotes me often in his article and even threatens to sue bloggers like me for libel and defamation.

Now remind me. What’s the definition of a coward and a bully?

Well, let’s see, how about this?

Someone with power and influence who mercilessly attacks defenceless people but then whines loudly about how unfair it is when attacked himself?

Don’t cry after I said that, David, because I can see after reading your article that you’re the sensitive type who doesn’t like people saying horrid things about you.

Which is strange really, considering you yourself like nothing better than to viciously dish it out to other defenceless people who don’t have the means to defend themselves  – for example child abuse victim Steven Messham – while you cower beneath the powerful wings of Lord Rothermere, the owner of the Mail.

Lord Rothermere is a rich and powerful man and his family have some very, very powerful friends. Here’s the current Chairman of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc’s grandfather with one of his close friends from a few years ago:

Don’t worry folks, Rothermere can’t sue me for pointing out that his newspaper and his family supported the fascist Blackshirts and Hitler – because it’s true:

Oops! The Daily Mail accidentally supports a fascist party. Again.

But back to Rose. The other bizarre thing about his strange article is his threat to sue anyone who accuses him of being connected to MI5. It’s bizarre because Rose himself has admitted he was once a conduit for misinformation from MI5.

See his own article in the New Statesman here:

Spies and their lies – by David Rose

So Rose is threatening to sue people for saying something about him he has already admitted to?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that that should make an interesting case.

Oh David – you can’t see this but I promise you I’m actually on my knees right now while I’m writing this.

Please please please sue me.

Because I would just love to see you and the Mail trying desperately to prove in court that you have never engaged in spin, disinformation and downright lies.

Now that would be a sight worth seeing, wouldn’t it?


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