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I’m well aware that for anybody who regards him or herself as a progressive – criticising Charlie Brooker is rather like a lay Catholic trying to tell the Pope he’s got it wrong on a matter of complicated theological doctrine that’s just been announced.

To question the Almighty Charlie’s deliberations on any subject these days could well warrant the same kind of reaction people used to get for pointing out that the world is actually a round rock hurtling through space and not a large plate balanced on the back of a turtle.

So choose your rocks and get ready to stone me to death. Because that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

Charlie Brooker was wrong.

Not just a bit wrong. But completely, spectacularly wrong. And about something that really matters too.

What Charlie got wrong was this.

In an article in the Guardian, Charlie wrote that liberals shouldn’t react to articles by climate-change deniers like James Delingpole, on the not unreasonable theory that people such as Delingpole exist solely to “irritate passing liberals” and therefore any reaction to the things he writes about would simply mean he had won.

But that’s exactly what CB got wrong.

Because when people like Delingpole write their nonsense in the Daily Mail or the Telegraph attacking climate change or wind power or whatever – they’re not doing it just to irritate passing liberals. That’s one of their functions, yes – but it’s a secondary, minor one.

Journalists (and I use that word loosely) like Delingpole’s main raison d’etre is to muddy the waters in arguments about climate change in order to shore up waning public support for powerful oil and nuclear business interests.

The problem is that to a certain extent its working. Some people are becoming more sceptical about the undisputable fact that all the scientific evidence points to most of the current climate change being caused by human activity.

The only way to counter this propaganda is to challenge it in public and show it up for the nonsense it is.

So yes, all you progressive, liberal types on social media – don’t be afraid of being a Charlie Brooker infidel.

Don’t be afraid of being offended by the utter rubbish being written in the mainstream press by right-wing establishment fixers like James Delingpole or David Rose masquerading as journalists – and don’t be afraid of writing about it too.

OK. I think I’m ready to get stoned now.


You can see Charlie Brooker’s article here:

Django Unchained, Djack Whitehall and Djames Delingpole


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