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(not satire – believe it or not)

Pity more people don’t read the Met’ Office’s news blog.

Because then a lot more people would have seen their excellent blog post today taking apart yet another nutty article by Daily Mail leading mentalist and David Cameron university friend James Delingpole in which he attempted to deny climate change.

The problem is that this time he chose as his main target the Met’ Office – who tend to have plenty of facts at their fingertips and like to use them – unlike Delingpole who clearly prefers the usual Daily Mail journalistic approach of inventing the facts to fit the theory and ignoring any that don’t.

Here’s the Met’ Office’s statement:

Addressing the Daily Mail and James Delingpole’s ‘crazy climate change obsession’ article

By the way, in case you didn’t know, Delingpole’s the guy in ‘When Boris Met Dave’ who was so embarrassingly desperate to be invited to join the Bullingdon Club he nearly wet himself at the thought.

Delingpole is also the guy who argued for a British version of the tea party and got into trouble in Australia for writing an article comparing wind farms to paedophilia.

So , yeah , he’s batshit crazy.

Just like the Mail.


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