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(satire – I think)

Countries such as Norway, Sweden and Switzerland whose economies have been laden for years with mountains of crippling snow are bracing themselves for deep recession after economists in the UK confirmed this week that snow blanketing much of the UK could push the country into an unprecedented triple-dip recession.

Norway’s chief economist gave his reaction to the warning by British economists that weak UK economic growth is due to the recent spell of cold weather:

Obviously Norway’s decades-long position as one of the top 5 most economically successful countries in the world will now need to be reassessed in the light of UK economists’ assessment that even small amounts of snow can lead to recession.

Clearly the serious economic problems facing the UK are entirely due to the recent snowfalls you’ve been experiencing and is not at all connected with the fact that the UK electorate decided to put an out-of-touch economic illiterate whose only previous job was working as a towel refolder in Selfridge’s in charge of your economy. Is it?


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