Theresa May’s kowtowing to the hard Brexiters in her party may have just cost the UK $1.7 Trillion of access to international projects after Brexit.

The U.S., New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Israel and Moldova have all blocked Britain’s post-Brexit entry into the World Trade Organization’s Government Procurement Agreement, a market worth $1.7 Trillion.

And while the first six big players on that list may eventually (after perhaps years of hard negotiations) give in with separate trade deals, with the last one – the small country of Moldova – it’s unlikely.

Because it’s personal.

This is because Theresa May – in an effort to look tough on immigration – made the inexplicable and utterly disastrous decision last year to deny visas to a Moldovan government delegation who wanted to visit the UK on a trade mission.

Corina Cojocaru – a government adviser to the Moldova government – and her team were arrogantly denied entry to the U.K. in 2017 when they wanted to discuss their country’s  future relationship with Britain after it leaves the European Union.

Understandably, Cojocaru was VERY pissed off by the way she was treated by the UK:

“I couldn’t get a visa and a diplomatic passport to go to London to negotiate on government procurement. Nobody listened to us for six to seven months.”

And who is the head of the Moldovan representatives to the WTO who has just decided to block the UK?

Yep. Corina Cojocaru.

This of course illustrates the MASSIVE flaw in the Brexiters’ idiotic plans to revert to WTO rules under a no-deal Brexit: namely that under the rules of the organisation, it only takes ONE country anywhere in the world with a grudge to blackball a member.

And under Theresa May’s Tory government, the UK has been creating a LOT of grudges.

This of course should be massive news in the UK.

But with a supine, spineless press in our country, with most of its billionaire owners personally pro-Brexit, it seems this important news seems to have ‘escaped’ the attention of most of our so-called ‘journalists’.


More info here from a US newspaper:

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