The Daily Mail has been forced into an embarrassing climbdown after it admitted that an article published in the newspaper today might have inadvertently contained facts which were true.

In the article, the newspaper reported that the Prime Minister holds deplorable attitudes towards the poor, a fact which it now accepts is probably accurate. The article also stated that David Cameron was a member of the Conservative Party, which after further investigation, the paper now admits was not at all made up.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the newspaper said:

We can assure our readers that we aim to keep to the highest standards expected of British journalism and that’s why we strive to publish only articles which contain biased, bigoted opinion and are completely devoid of facts. We are holding an internal investigation to ascertain how such obviously unbiased truth could have made its way into our newspaper.

Several of the newspaper’s more elderly readers were reported to be in shock after discovering unadulterated reality amongst their usual fare of half-truths, lies and bigoted crap. In an editorial, the newspaper apologised to its readers for exposing them to the truth and promised it would not allow such an oversight to happen again.


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