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(not satire – it’s the UK press)

Hats off to fullfact.org for their tireless exposure of the lies in the gutter press about there being 120,000 ‘problem’ families in the UK.

By gutter press, I’m referring of course to The SunThe Daily MailThe GuardianThe Daily StarThe TelegraphThe IndependentThe Daily ExpressThe Timesthe BBCITV and Sky – click the above links for examples of their so-called ‘articles’ about it.

What fullfact.org discovered was that the real figure of 120,000 for the number of ‘problem’ families in the UK was a little bit of an exaggeration and is actually much lower than that. Well, quite a bit lower actually.

16 to be exact.

Unfortunately, the corrections the press were forced to make were not exactly given the same priority and exposure as the original lies.

Here’s an example of the Daily Mail’s:

This isn’t just poor reporting, bias or bad journalism. This is propaganda – pure and simple – and more evidence to the argument that we no longer have a free press in this country.

I rest my case.


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