Pride’s Purge can exclusively reveal we have uncovered a MASSIVE decades-long conspiracy by security services and establishment figures to DEPRIVE Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard of his Liberal Democratic Party membership.

The conspiracy – which involves NUMEROUS WOMEN posing as loyal party activists, the entire UK mainstream and independent press, MI5, MI6 and Special Branch as well as political leaders from ACROSS the political spectrum – is a clear attempt by the establishment to SMEAR Lord Rennard and as a result PREVENT him from taking his seat on the nationally important Liberal Democrat Regional Parties’ and Membership Committee.

National security experts say the conspiracy has MASSIVE national security implications and the attempts to ensure Baron Rennard’s membership of the Liberal Democrats is suspended – or even permanently revoked – could have international repercussions and possibly result in outbreak of NUCLEAR WAR, terrorist attacks of TERRIFYING PROPORTIONS as well as a BREAKDOWN of law and order across the civilised world.

A spokesperson for MI5 when approached by Pride’s Purge for a statement on the shocking allegations refused to comment:

I have no idea what the f**k you’re on about,” she said.

However, Mr David Tomlinson, a regular at the Horse and Feathers pub down the road from the Pride’s Purge office agreed to go on record as admitting there was a strong possibility the establishment could have been involved in a concerted decades-long attempt to smear Lord Rennard:

Anything’s possible,” he said. “But more likely Rennard’s just a bit of leery creep who can’t keep his clammy hands to himself. Now how about that pint you promised me?


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